Mass Effect 3 Resources

General Tips and Tactics

Platinum Credit Farming on Firebase Glacier (updated for Reckoning DLC)

Platinum Credit Farming

10 Commandments of Mass Effect 3 Online Multiplayer

How to Beat Platinum in 15 Minutes or Less (Without Cheating!)

Guide to the Best Weapons for Platinum (updated for Reckoning DLC)

How to Level Up Character Quickly 

Quickest Way to Unlock and Level Up Weapons

5 Way to Tell if the Random in Your Lobby is a Good Player

Top 10 n00b vs. Pro Tactics for Gold/Platinum (updated for Retaliation DLC)

Easiest/Fastest Ways to Credit Farm Without Cheating (not updated for Reckoning DLC yet)


Missile Glitch (updated for Reckoning DLC)

How to Increase Your Rate of Fire with Reload Cancel

How to Get a Maxed 6/6/6/6/6 Build

The Ultimate Guide to God Mode,  or How to Become Invincible on Any Map (No longer work post-Retaliation DLC)

Special Firebase Condor God Mode Glitch Tutorial (No longer work post-Retaliation DLC)

The Ultimate Guide to Demi-God Mode, or How to Respawn Without Medi-Gels (No longer work post-Retaliation DLC)

How to Use the Gear Glitch to Equip Two Gears at the Same Time (No longer work post-Retaliation DLC)

Here are some websites that I find useful for the ME3 Multiplayer game:

1.  Weapon Stats

This spreadsheet tells you exactly how much damage each weapon does and in great detail.

2.  Class/Character Builder

This is an amazingly useful tool for spec’ing out your characters and seeing exactly how much their powers and bonuses stack. ¬†Possibly the most useful thing ever. ¬†You can even spec it out with specific weapons, mods, gear, and equipment to find out the total damage.

3.  Enemy Health

Want to know how much HP each enemy has?  Look no further

4.  Enemy Damage

Just how much is that Atlas going to take you down?

5.  Gear/Equipment/Weapon Mod Bonuses

Tells you exactly how much extra damage you can expect to do with everything you equip.

6.  Enemy Spawns

Will there be a Banshee in Wave 6?  Should I kill all the little guys before I kill the big guys?  Read the data here.

7.  Combo Damage

Ever wonder how much damage a biotic explosion actually does?  How about a fire explosion?  Check here!

8.  Ultra Rare Drop Rate/Premium vs. Regular Spectre Pack vs. Arsenal/Reserve Pack


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