Updated: 2015! ¬†Wow, can you believe that I wrote this “About” page when I first started this blog … four¬†years ago?! ¬†Well, now I’m a 30-something girl who is still obsessed with gaming. ¬†My main mode of gaming now is the XBox One, though I do play on PC for the sole purpose of modding. ¬†And still, feel free to send your GT to me at girlplaysgameblog@gmail.com … but you have to have a next-gen console to play with me (no scrubs hehe jk).

I’m a 20-something girl who grew up on gaming. ¬†I started this blog to share some iOS hacks that I created but, of course, my overriding love for Mass Effect has taken over. ¬†My main mode of gaming now is the Xbox360, though I have been known to play casual games on the iPad as well. ¬†Please feel free to send your GT to girlplaysgameblog@gmail.com and I will add you on XBOXLIVE!

If you like what I write, please help me with website upkeep by donating via Paypal and support GPG.com:


If you are a brand or a company who wants me to write about your game or do a sponsored post on my kinda popular¬†HELLA POPULAR blog, contact me –¬†girlplaysgameblog@gmail.com … flat rate of $100 per post including social media promotion on all my channels, but I might just do it for free if I like your cause. ;)

Here are the games I’m playing right now:

Online Multiplayer: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Destiny

Favorite Series: Mass Effect, Bioshock, Fallout

Favorite “Farming” Game:¬†Fallout Shelter

Favorite RPG: Skyrim

Favorite Old School Game: Maniac Mansion (remember that?!)

Looking forward to: Fallout 4 and Mass Effect: Andromeda!!!


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