Assassin’s Creed Origins: A Gift From the Gods Walkthrough – How to Get Final Fantasy XV Weapons!!!

Wow, ok, so stumbled upon this little nugget today and couldn’t find any tutorials on it, sooooo thought I’d post. It’s been a while! So, apparently there is a Final Fantasy XV tie-in in Assassin’s Creed where you can access a secret tomb via a sundial puzzle and get weapons and a mount from Final Fantasy XV! :O OMFG. Check out my new swag – the Ultima blade, the Ziedrich shield, and OMG A CHOCOBO MOUNT CALLED KWEH ARE YOU SERIOUS.

If you want all these things (because I know you do), here’s the tutorial and walkthrough for you:

  1. First you’ll want to head over to a pyramid in the south part of Saqqara Nome, by the border of Atef-Pehu Nome. You should see an exclamation point marker in GREEN (like the ones in blue that mark a mission, but green – obvs). Sorry it’s not on my map, I didn’t screenshot at the time cuz I suck:
  2. Once you reach the green marker, you’ll have a cut scene where a meteor will fall from the sky. Follow the marker for the meteor and you’ll see it reveals a door to a tomb. See in the screenshot in the upper right corner the little square hole?
  3. In the tomb, you’ll see a sundial puzzle. You’ll notice that three of the lines in the sundial are bolder than the others. The number ‘XV’ is at the bottom – that refers to the middle bolded line. Sorry for the shitty photo, I didn’t realize I’d be doing a walkthrough on this as I was going through it!
  4. Now you’ll exit the tomb and go to a nearby structure – that’s the sundial. It looks like this – note there are arrows right in front of it. You’ll need to grab some arrows if you don’t have any already.
  5. If you use Senu vision, you’ll see the sundial as a whole. When the obelisk’s shadow falls on the first, third, or fifth columns, they will open up to reveal blue crystals inside. As soon as they open up, shoot the blue crystal inside “XV” multiple times until something happens!
  6. Now the tomb where the map was should be open. Go back to it and watch the cutscene unfold – OMG YOU GOT YOUR FFXV WEAPONS AND CHOCOBO MOUNT!

There, that was easy, wasn’t it? If you want to see some spoilers, here’s the video I put together:

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