Fallout 4: Best Mods of Week 17 – immersion breaking or immersion making mods, you decide

This week features the single most important immersion mod of all time ever, as well as a bunch of immersion breaking mods that look great in screenshots. Enjoy!

Girlplaysgame’s Top Fallout 4 Mods: Week 17

Fallout4 2016-03-07 22-14-46-76

Elite and Unique Followers

Adds a bunch of craftable followers that you can use in game. My personal fav is the mini Liberty Prime!

Fallout4 2016-03-07 21-20-19-45

The Rebel

I love this outfit mod! It really makes you look like a lone wanderer. The pic above is the standard texture but there are some really good retextures for it, too (includes the arctic camo version in my first pic in this post).

Fallout4 2016-03-07 22-11-40-28

Delightful Ivy HD

THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT IMMERSION MOD EVER. Seriously, look at the vanilla ivy textures – just look at them!!! This mod is like a 10000% improvement.

Fallout4 2016-03-07 21-59-08-13

Player Photo Light

This mod is for you screenarchers out there – always keep your character’s face in good lighting by equipping this photolight! It’s like the Facelight mod from Skyrim.  It’s kind of unclear in the instructions, but basically this is an equippable clothing that will make photolight active when equipped, just search “help photo 4” in console to add it.

Fallout4 2016-03-07 21-31-07-55


This adds a cool tactical headpiece/monocle for your character. You can get it in a bunch of colors and you can also download this retexture to make it look more gritty, less anime.

Fallout4 2016-03-07 22-06-33-38

Tactical Animations

This changes your character’s equipped weapon movements to look more tactical, i.e. badass. Run through the Commonwealth like you’re on a mission … ‘cuz you are.

Fallout4 2016-03-07 21-54-23-42

Bear Helmet

The Commonwealth is for the Nords! This bear helmet is kind of gross looking, TBH, but that’s just how the mutant bears in Fallout look. I might do a better retexture for this mod to make it look more like a fluffy grizzly than a naked molerat. But still, I like the mod :D

Well, those are my top picks for Week 17! Follow me on Facebook if you want to get updated for Week 18 and beyond :)  Oh, and if you like Fallout 4 and Skyrim screenarchery, follow my Instagram account to get your daily dose of awesome screenshots.

Got any favorite mods yet? Let me know in comments and I’ll check them out!

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