Skyrim: RAWR-paint – Corrupted Male Warpaints

Ok, so when I mod, I usually get hyper-obsessed for like a week and then don’t do it again for like six months. Luckily for you, I’m on one of my “obsessed” streaks :D ¬†Here’s another pack of Skyrim warpaints for your male OC. ¬†If you like the “sexy and corrupted by evil” look, this one’s for you!


Download it right now on the Nexus!

Here are all the warpaints close-up, plus some eye candy for you. Installation instructions at the very bottom.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-34-20-74

I like this one because it says “I’m evil, but kind of not totally evil … but working on it!”.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-35-36-18

This is what happens when your Dragonborn doesn’t get enough sleep.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-37-26-50

Sometimes you just fall into a vat of radioactive waste and it gets in your bloodstream, NBD.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-38-28-05

Hey, at least he still has one good eye, right?!

TESV 2015-08-05 20-41-54-71

The corruption is strong in this one.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-53-44-31

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the corruption veins run on both sides up his neck. For characters who are evil from the bottom up.
TESV 2015-08-05 20-55-26-05

You know how when dudes get angry and there’s like a throbbing vein in their foreheads? Yeah, that.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-56-21-52

Ok, full disclosure, stole this design from the Age of Wushu game. La-dee-da.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-57-17-58

When your evil lurks subtly below the surface.

Here, have more sick screenshots:

How to install:

Use NMM to install all the warpaints.

Or,if you want to only install a few, manually unzip the file and put only the warpaints you want into your Data/textures/actors/character/character assets/tintmasks folder.

For high resolution warpaints to display properly, you will need to make these adjustments in your SKSE folder:

  • Locate your Data directory
  • Create SKSE folder if it is not already there
  • Create SKSE.ini if it is not already there
  • Add ‚Äú[Display]‚ÄĚ category
  • Add ‚ÄúiTintTextureResolution=2048‚Ä≥

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