Skyrim: RAWR-paint – Corrupted Male Warpaints

Ok, so when I mod, I usually get hyper-obsessed for like a week and then don’t do it again for like six months. Luckily for you, I’m on one of my “obsessed” streaks :D  Here’s another pack of Skyrim warpaints for your male OC.  If you like the “sexy and corrupted by evil” look, this one’s for you!


Download it right now on the Nexus!

Here are all the warpaints close-up, plus some eye candy for you. Installation instructions at the very bottom.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-34-20-74

I like this one because it says “I’m evil, but kind of not totally evil … but working on it!”.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-35-36-18

This is what happens when your Dragonborn doesn’t get enough sleep.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-37-26-50

Sometimes you just fall into a vat of radioactive waste and it gets in your bloodstream, NBD.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-38-28-05

Hey, at least he still has one good eye, right?!

TESV 2015-08-05 20-41-54-71

The corruption is strong in this one.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-53-44-31

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the corruption veins run on both sides up his neck. For characters who are evil from the bottom up.
TESV 2015-08-05 20-55-26-05

You know how when dudes get angry and there’s like a throbbing vein in their foreheads? Yeah, that.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-56-21-52

Ok, full disclosure, stole this design from the Age of Wushu game. La-dee-da.

TESV 2015-08-05 20-57-17-58

When your evil lurks subtly below the surface.

Here, have more sick screenshots:

How to install:

Use NMM to install all the warpaints.

Or,if you want to only install a few, manually unzip the file and put only the warpaints you want into your Data/textures/actors/character/character assets/tintmasks folder.

For high resolution warpaints to display properly, you will need to make these adjustments in your SKSE folder:

  • Locate your Data directory
  • Create SKSE folder if it is not already there
  • Create SKSE.ini if it is not already there
  • Add “[Display]” category
  • Add “iTintTextureResolution=2048″

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