Skyrim: KS Hairdos 400 Hairpack Torrent Download

UPDATE: 11 AUG 2015 – KS Hairdos is back on Nexus!  Get it here!

Ok, due to popular demand, I’ve released a torrent download for the KS Hairdos 400 hairpack!  Hopefully, as people start seeding the download, it will be a little faster than downloading direct (it is almost a 1GB file, so quite large).  Right now, the torrent will probably be slow since I’m the only one seeding it!  If you still wish to download the file directly from Google Drive, you can – just go here.

Here is the torrent link: KS Hairdos 400 Hairpack torrent download

If you prefer the direct download you can download from my Google Drive or Mega here

If you already have a torrent client, it should automatically start downloading.  If you don’t have a torrent client, you can get one at

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some screen caps with the hairs included in the pack:

TESV 2014-09-29 14-21-36-50 TESV 2014-09-29 17-45-33-80 TESV 2014-09-29 21-43-28-42 TESV 2014-10-05 00-06-34-66 TESV 2014-10-17 16-15-59-62 TESV 2014-10-17 21-15-17-35 TESV 2015-03-05 22-10-25-60 TESV 2015-03-11 22-03-04-60 TESV 2015-03-11 22-22-06-10

Do you love this mod?  Do you need more people to seed it?  Leave a comment and let me know! :)



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