Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer – Best Build to Solo Perilous

I already shared my Arcane Warrior group play build last week – this week, I’m sharing my Arcane Warrior solo build! ¬†With this build, it is pretty easy to solo Perilous at Level 13-16. ¬†It is possible to do it at Level 10 or 11, too – I’ve seen it done, I just haven’t done it myself, so I’ll only vouch for my own gameplay :)

First, for all the people who are about to comment, “Proof or it didn’t happen”, here’s a vid of me tanking some Perilous with the Arcane Warrior (it’s kinda messy, I didn’t do it very well):

Ok, now to go through the build – as usual, you can watch this video or keep scrolling for text:

The active powers you’ll need are Spirit Sword, Chain Lightning, Fade Step, and Fade Cloak – all fully upgraded. ¬†Spirit Sword is a no-brainer. ¬†Chain Lightning is super useful for getting your barrier up and paralyzing enemies so you can destroy they with Spirit Sword.

Fade Cloak is absolutely required for this build. ¬†It makes you immune to damage for two seconds and when you de-cloak, you do 1000% (yes, that says one thousand) damage to every enemy around you. ¬†Because you get swarmed so quickly on Perilous solo, that means you’ll have 100% barrier instantly almost all the time you use the power. ¬†Also, activating Fade Cloak gets you up immediately, so if you’re knocked down by the Demon Commander for example, you can instantly get up and keep doing damage. ¬†This makes Demons the easiest faction to solo against on Perilous, FYI.

Fade/Frost Step is also critical. ¬†Here’s why – it’s easy to keep barriers up when you’re swarmed by enemies, but it’s hard when there are ranged enemies picking at you. ¬†Frost Step helps you close with ranged enemies so you can do massive Spirit Sword or Fade Cloak damage.

You’re probably wondering why I skipped Pull of the Abyss (PotA) – basically, PotA is good for grouping a bunch of enemies together. ¬†On Perilous solo, enemies all swarm against you anyway, so it’s really not necessary to have PotA. ¬†I always have an easier time solo-ing all factions using Frost Step than PotA.

You can spec out almost all the passives using this build as well. ¬†Make sure to spec out anything that increase mana regeneration and armor. ¬†Now here’s the important thing about passives:


DON’T DO IT! ¬†Ok. ¬†I know the 50% barrier sound tempting, but it actually makes your barrier deplete faster if you take this boost. ¬†This is because your barrier depletion rate is based on MAX barrier, not your actual barrier. ¬†Here’s the math: let’s say as a base, you have 100 max barrier that depletes at 10% per second. ¬†So, you lose 10 barrier per second. ¬†Strength of Spirits gives a 50% max barrier boost, giving you 150 max barrier. ¬†Your barrier still depletes at 10% per second, so you lose 15 barrier per second. ¬†Let’s say your attack gives you 90 barrier. ¬†In the first case, your barrier will last 9 seconds because you’re losing 10 barrier per second. ¬†In the second case (with Strength of Spirits), your barrier will last only 6 seconds because you’re losing 15 barrier per second. ¬†Make sense?

Anyway, that’s the Arcane Warrior build I use for solo-ing … Hope you enjoy!

Have you solo’d Perilous mode with another character? ¬†Let me know in comments!


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