Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer – Best Build for Arcane Warrior

If you want to go into beast mode in DA:I multiplayer, there’s no better class to play than the Arcane Warrior. ¬†This guy is super tough, deals a ton of damage, and has both ranged and melee attacks. ¬†Here is the build I use for group play – I use a different build to solo Perilous with this character, so read here if that’s what you’re interested in. ¬†Mind you, I’ve prestiged about 30 times so my AW can deal about 15% more damage than a base level AW. ¬†Mages are the easiest class to level up and prestige so I recommend you do it as much as possible!

You can watch my video or you can scroll down for a written walkthrough:

Arcane Warrior starts with Spirit Blade and Chain Lightning.  Spirit Blade cuts through enemies like butter and Chain Lighting paralyzes them.  Not a bad combo to begin with at Level 1!

arcanewarriorFirst, I like to start spec-ing out the Mentalism tree to get that life-saving barrier up as soon as possible. ¬†I get Fade Shield first so that barrier starts generating every time I deal damage. ¬†Next, I get Guardian Spirit so if I almost go down, I’ll get 100% barrier to keep me going. ¬†It’s like basically having an extra life.

For my next few points, I get Gathering Storm in order to get Mind Over Matter. ¬†Since dealing damage restores barrier, you’ll need Mind Over Matter to avoid getting interrupted by flanking or staggering. ¬†Then, I get Strength of Spirits to further boost my barrier.

After powering the barrier, I like to start spec-ing out the Elemental tree.  I first go with the Chain Lightning upgrade of Arcing Surge so that my Chain Lightning hits more enemies.  With one Chain Lightning, I can charge up my barrier all the way!

My next step is to get Frost Step and Pull of the Abyss. ¬†Frost Step is super useful for quick escapes and survivability, while Pull of the Abyss helps you draw all your enemies close together. ¬†Doing a combo of PotA and Chain Lighting will definitely get your barrier up 100%. ¬†You’ll have to spec out a few passives in order to get to Pull of the Abyss, so this will take several levels to get both of these powers fully spec’d out.

After all four of my powers are assigned (Chain Lightning, Pull of the Abyss, Spirit Sword, Frost Step), then I like to start putting points into passives. ¬†Honestly, I’ve tried almost all variations of passives and haven’t seen a significant performance difference with any particular combo. ¬†So, I won’t go into detail on the passives – just do whatever you like! :)

Do you like this Arcane Warrior build?  Let me know in comments!




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