Tips to Catch All the Pokemon in Google’s April Fools Map Quest!

Happy April Fools Day, everyone! ¬†In case anyone hasn’t noticed yet, Google has scattered Pokemon all over the world through its Google Maps app ecosystem to celebrate today’s foolery. ¬†I am officially obsessed with catching them all! ¬†(BTW, this awesome title image comes from ezeqquiel on Deviantart!)

Here are some spoiler-free tips to help you find them:

1. ¬†Go to the “SEARCH” bar in your Google Maps app (iPhone or Android) and click on “Return to Pokemon Lab” – this will take you to Google’s Mountain View HQ and there are several Pokemon scattered around to get started!

Photo Apr 01, 9 58 54 AM

2.  Search all major Google office locations around the world.

Photo Apr 01, 11 10 52 AM

3.  Search all major world landmarks!

Photo Apr 01, 11 05 19 AM

4.  Search in big cities to get a dense concentration of Pokemon.  Hint: Tokyo is ripe with Pokemon!

Photo Apr 01, 9 35 21 AM

5.  Look in unexpected places!

Photo Apr 01, 11 05 58 AM

6.  Search colleges and universities!

Photo Apr 01, 11 13 37 AM

Once you find a Pokemon, all you have to do is click on them and tap the Pokeball in the corner to “catch” them. ¬†You can view your Pokedex to see your progress! ¬†Good luck!

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