Tap Campus Life: Holiday Version Hack – Unlimited Coins and Gems NO JAILBREAK

*Working as of 1 December 2013*

*Warning* I woke up this morning to find that I couldn’t connect to Campus Holiday (but somehow I’ve been unbanned from Campus Life) … It might be that yesterday I put 30,000 gems in my account (probably) … so, please, use this hack at your own risk!

Hey guys and gals, I’m here with a new hack for unlimited coins and gems for Campus Holiday (and theoretically, it would work the same for Campus Life). ¬†It does NOT require jailbreaking (yay).

As always, you’ll need the following:

Excel or another program that can edit .csv files

Ok, so this hack basically tricks the in-app purchase system. ¬†You’ll still have to spend at least $0.99 cents to use this hack, but it’s a paltry sum compared to how much this game tries to cheat you out of gems. :)


  1. Open up the game folder using iFunbox.
  2. Navigate to Library > Application Support > Resources folder.
    2013-12-01 20_38_32-iFunbox App Connector
  3. Right-click IAP.csv and copy to PC.
  4. Find the copy you just saved, make a backup (just in case you need to put it back).
  5. Now, open up the IAP.csv using Excel.
  6. You’ll see the rows correspond to the different in-app purchases available. ¬†Let’s say you want gems – go to the line with the cheapest gems (pouch of gems – 10 for $0.99):
    2013-12-01 20_42_17-Microsoft Excel - IAP - Copy
  7. Change the value under the “amount String” column. ¬†I’ve done up to 15,000 gems with no problems, but if you’re feeling daring, you can go higher. ¬†Or, if you’re scared, you can go lower.
    2013-12-01 20_42_25-Microsoft Excel - IAP - Copy
  8. Now save your changes and drag-and-drop the edited IAP.csv back into the same folder you found it.
  9. Now you should be able to open up your game and go to the in-app purchase screen (click on the gems at the top) and it will look like this:
    Photo Dec 01, 8 45 33 PM
  10. Click on the first box to buy 15,000 (or however many gems you picked) for $0.99. ¬†You’ll be asked via pop-up to confirm the in-app purchase. ¬†Click yes.
  11. When you’re returned to the game, you should see all those gems added to your account! ¬†Enjoy!
    Photo Dec 01, 8 44 05 PM

You can use this same hack for the coins/money as well if you want, but I think your $0.99 is better spent on gems :)

Did this tutorial help you?  Please let me know in comments!



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