Mobile: So I Upgraded to iOS 7 Today … [pics]

Apple released its beta 2 for iOS 7 today for the iPhone and iPad and I just installed it so I thought I’d give it a little review. ¬†iOS 7 is only available at this time for Apple developers (general release is schedule for fall), so if you want early access, I can add a few more UDID’s to my developer account and help you out. ¬†This offer goes out to my regular readers/commenters (you know who you are!) – just let me know by responding to this post!

Here’s what my iPhone screen looks like in iOS 7 (spoiler alert, looks like a Samsung Galaxy now!):

Photo Jun 25, 9 49 10 PM

Now here’s what it looks like when I try to unlock my screen:

Photo Jun 25, 9 51 40 PM

And here’s what my home screen looks like:

Photo Jun 25, 9 51 15 PM

Most of the apps still look the same with the exception of the weather app, which got a gorgeous update:

Photo Jun 25, 9 51 20 PM

And here’s what it looks like when I doubleclick the home button to pull up the active apps:

Photo Jun 25, 9 52 12 PM

My iOS 7 review: ¬†Well, this is definitely the biggest update iPhone/iPad has had to its look and feel since its release. ¬†The new iOS 7 looks gorgeous. ¬†But it is definitely a rip-off of Samsung Galaxy’s screen. ¬†There is new functionality like radio and a bunch of photo options to play with, but overall, everything feels the same.

Likes:¬†¬†The new home screen looks so vibrant now! ¬†It’s also cool to be able to stream radio with the native music app now.

Dislikes:¬†¬†The new photo system that categorizes your camera roll into “collections” and “moments” – doesn’t really make sense to me and feels unnecessary. ¬†Also, there are so many social media sharing options associated with your camera roll now that I’m really worried I’ll send a NSFW picture straight to Facebook if you know what I mean ;)

So, basically, that’s the new iOS 7 in a nutshell! ¬†Because of the strange formatting issues with it, many wallpapers that look good on the current iOS 6 will not look good on iOS 7. ¬†Tomorrow, I’ll post the best iOS 7 wallpapers because I’ve been experimenting with that all day :)

Are you excited about the new iOS 7?  Do you want early access?  Let me know in comments!


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