Mass Effect 3: New Multiplayer “Reckoning” DLC … and I’m back!

Well, two items of good news – my Xbox LIVE connection came back to life yesterday!  So, now I can triumphantly return to ME3 and game with you guys :)

But more importantly, I missed the boat a few days ago on the new Mass Effect 3 DLC – apparently some people have already mined the recent update (thread on Reddit) for info on the new DLC.

“The day of reckoning is nigh! The Reckoning Multiplayer Expansion brings six new never before seen co-op story missions to the game and new co-op gameplay modes. It provides four new maps to conquer and hazard variations of the Earth maps. It also enables reinforcement packs that offer new kits for the salarians, krogans, humans and volus. In-game reinforcement packs now include three new weapons (Chakram Launcher, Blood Pack Punisher and Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle).”

Wow, six new missions and co-op modes?  Awesome!  I’m not sure what “new kits for salarians, krogans, humans, and volus” refers to – maybe race-specific gear?  Or is it too much for me to hope for new characters? :)

What have you guys heard about this new DLC?  Any thoughts on when it will be released?  Let me know in comments!


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