Mass Effect 3: Best Character Builds by the Number – Turian Ghost Infiltrator

The Turian Ghost Infiltrator may be the new Geth Infiltrator in terms of damage buffs.  Use this spec before Bioware invariably nerfs the hell out of it:

Best Build: 4/6/6/6/4

Click here to see the build and stats:

Q:  Why put any points into Overload?

A:  One word Рexplosions!

Now that Bioware has made it so that you can make Fire and Cryo explosions without having to kill the enemy, having chain Overload is massively useful. ¬†Not only does it stun enemies, but you just have to spray Cryo or Incendiary ammo into a crowd, fire Overload once, and you’ll get explosions everywhere! ¬†If you’re playing on Platinum with Incendiary ammo, that means an additional 1000-2000 points of damage depending on the enemy (see here for full list of combo damage points:¬†

Q:  How should I spec Stimulant Packs?

A: Shields, shields, and more shields!

Here is the difference in DPS between spec’ing for shields vs. damage (assumes Harrier X equipped w/High Velocity Barrel V and Extended Barrel V, Assault Rifle Rail Amp, Warfighter Package V, assumes you have both Cloak and Stim Pack active):

Shields 20 407.28 1 550 0 0.67 2856.283
Damage 20 426.7 1 550 0 0.67 2992.477

Notice how there is only a 136 point difference in DPS between spec’ing for shields vs. damage – less than a 5% increase. ¬†Now look at the difference in shields when you spec for shields rather than damage – you go from +2000 shields to +4000 shields! ¬†Huge difference. ¬†4000 shields added makes you virtually indestructible.

Q:  What gear should I equip?

A:  Warfighter Package or Grenade Capacity!

You refill your Stimulant Packs the same way as you do grenades – any gear with grenade upgrades applies to your Stimulant packs. ¬†I like the Warfighter Package because you can carry 2 extra grenades and do 12% more assault rifle damage at rank V. ¬†With this build, it means you can carry 4 total Stimulant Packs, which should be more than enough if you’re running from ammo box to ammo box – if not, you can carry up to 7 Stim Packs with Grenade Capacity V.


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