Mass Effect 3: First Look at the New Patch, or Things That Changed But Weren’t Announced

Well, Multiplayer just got a lot harder despite the bug fixes that came out. ¬†In my short time playing, I’ve noticed (and this is subjective, obviously) that the enemies have gotten a lot more accurate and aggressive. ¬†They tend to swarm more and instakill more as well.

However, the¬†Singularity power is now super beast, which means I may have to try out the male/female human adept again. ¬†And the fact that we can headshot bosses again means I’ll try sniping once more as well.

Also, I can confirm that the invincibility glitch NO LONGER WORKS. ¬†You still take fall damage, but you die instead of becoming invincible. ¬†Also, all the auto-respawn points seem to be patched. ¬†The only exploit that still works is the one where you get on top of the mountain on Condor by mashing the A button, but you won’t become invincible when you jump down any more.

Other changes that weren’t listed on the official patch:

    • Promoting doesn’t reset names, colors and doesn’t auto-assign one point
    • 20 seconds timer when 3/4 people are ready
    • Destroyer’s missile launcher now appears as ‘Hawk Missile Launcher’ in the kill-feed
    • The Geth Prime’s drone now fires incinerate at you and it stun locks you
    • The “10%” credit bonus for extraction maxes out at 1000 credits (supposedly it will take the servers another update before you’re awarded 10% of what you actually earn during the match)

Did you guys notice any updates that weren’t announced in the patch? ¬†Let me know in comments!


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