Mass Effect 3: Operation ALLOY Success, Balance Changes 28 Aug, and Spectre Pack Updates!

So, we successfully completed Operation ALLOY this weekend – go redeem your Victory and Commendation packs now!  If you didn’t get one, just go to the EA Help Center (I prefer the Live Chat option) and they will sort you out in less than 3 minutes.

Due to the success of Operation ALLOY, we all got Medi-Gel slot upgrades, so now you should be able to carry 6 total!  Also, there have been some more Balance Changes made to the multiplayer – mainly, the N7 Destroyer’s missile launcher power got a massive buff at all levels and shields/barriers got nerfed for the enemy on Gold/Silver!  I feel like this is the first time all the changes have really been in the player’s favor!  See here for a list of all changes.

Unfortunately, all I got out of this week’s Commendation Pack was a lousy N7 Eagle III.  Ugh.  So my tally for Ultra Rares so far comes to:

Javelin IV
M-358 Talon IV
Scorpion IV
M-99 Sabre VI
Black Widow V
M-11 Wraith IX
M-77 Paladin IV
Cerberus Harrier VI
Particle Rifle III
M-90 Indra VII
N7 Typhoon I
N7 Valiant II
N7 Crusader I
N7 Eagle III

Also, I’ve spent a total of 5.3M credits to date and have a 1.78% Ultra Rare drop rate with Spectre Packs and 2.22% Ultra Rare drop rate with Premium Spectre Packs.  Click here for details.

What did you get in your Commendation Pack?  Let me know in comments!

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