Mass Effect 3: The ULTIMATE Guide to God Mode, or How to Become Invincible on Any Map


I recently posted about a glitch to become invincible on Firebase Condor, but I also discovered that it is theoretically possible to become invincible on any of the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer maps!

So, the key to becoming invincible is to die by falling, not by enemy fire. ¬†I tested this theory on a couple maps and it worked – you get shot at until your health is below a quarter bar (basically, one shot away from death), then you jump off a high area and land on the ground below. ¬†When you hit the ground, it will take away the rest of your health and you should die … but you won’t!


The timing of this is very difficult, as you must get down to so little health without dying.  Regardless, I have been successful on Platinum despite the more powerful enemies.

I haven’t experimented with all the characters yet, but I’ve successfully done it with the characters that can combat roll. ¬†I had trouble doing it with the N7 Fury and Asari Adept (teleporting characters), but I suspect that it could work on certain maps and I just haven’t been nailing the timing or the landing.

1.  Firebase London

For this map, you go up to the top ledge where people typically camp during the match. ¬†When your health is down, jump off the as close as possible to the right or left side of the gap in the middle, making sure to land on the ground below and not on the crate. ¬†I’ve done this successfully with a Geth, N7 Demolisher, Vorcha, Human Soldier, and N7 Shadow. ¬†I think it is possible with any non-teleporting character.

2.  Firebase Vancouver

For this map, go up to the highest point on the map where there is a ramp leading up to the small room with the bookshelf ammo. ¬†There should be an L-shaped air duct thing next to the top of the ramp – jump off as close as possible to the end of the air duct so that you land at the base of the ramp. ¬†I’ve done this successfully with the Vorcha, Geth, N7 Shadow, and Krogan. ¬†I think that you can do it with any non-teleporting character.


3.  Firebase Ghost

For this map, go to the farthest storage container with the ammo crate inside. ¬†Go to the ladder in the back and step as close to the edge of the ledge as possible (between the wall and the ladder). ¬†Roll forward when you’re at less than a quarter health and you are invincible!

4.  Firebase Reactor

For this map, dodge off any of the platforms with ladders.

5.  Firebase Dagger

For this map, go to the ladder beneath the circular room. ¬†This worked with the Vorcha, but I haven’t been able to do it with other characters. ¬†However, I have been able to get stuck in the wall as the Krogan and Asari Adept ¬†where the enemy can’t see me and I can still shoot them. ¬†This happens if you jump off the ledge to the right of the ladder while facing into the wall on the right. ¬†Kind of God Mode but not really :)

6.  Firebase Hydra

Go to the far side of the circular room and jump off the platform when you’re down to a quarter bar of health.

7.  Firebase Goddess

Jump from the platform to the left of the ladder – you should be aiming for the spawn site when you do it.

8.  Firebase White

Jump from the ladder in the middle of the map.

9.  Firebase Rio

Jump from the platform in the middle of the map – you should be facing the AA guns.

OTHER NOTES: Demi-God Mode

Ok, so this isn’t really God mode, but a lot of places you can jump off the map and respawn with full health. ¬†If you’re fast enough and camp in that area, it can make you semi-invincible in that you never have to Medi-Gel. ¬†Read my post about Demi-God Mode!

Did you try any of these or discover something new?  Let me know in the comments or via email!


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