Mass Effect 3: 5 Ways to Tell if The Random in Your Lobby is a Good Player

Ok, so you pressed Quickplay and you’re in a Lobby with people (Randoms) you’ve never played with before. ¬†How can you tell if they’re going to suck or if they’re going to help you win?

1.  N7 Rating

… means absolutely nothing! ¬†It just means they promote their characters more often. ¬†Any N7 Rating beyond 120 should be acceptable (maxing out all every class to level 20 should give you an N7 Rating of 120). ¬†Anyone lower than 120 should be shot (just kidding!) … no, anyone with an N7 rating under 120 hasn’t played enough to get any good weapons, which leads to …

2.  Weapons

This is the number one indicator of a player’s potential skill, IMHO. ¬†If a player has a high level weapon, they will be more effective at killing. ¬†Yes, they could suck at aiming or not know how to use the gun, but in general, the higher the weapon, the better the potential performance. ¬†I played with in a match with an N7 120 person with a Cerberus Harrier X and she (yes, she!) was a killing machine! ¬†Meanwhile, the N7 320 person had a Geth Plasma Shotgun II and came in last on the scoreboard.

3.  Gear & Equipment

Is the Random equipping Gear? ¬†Check. ¬†Is that Gear a high level and appropriate for the character? ¬†Check. ¬†Ok, that’s good. ¬†Now for equipment – is the Random using any? ¬†On Gold and Platinum matches, this is highly recommended – My personal opinion is that anyone who is stingy with disposable equipment will also be stingy with the Medi-Gels and Missile Launchers during the match.

4.  Microphone

Teamwork is often the difference between winning and losing in ME3 Multiplayer. ¬†It’s much easier to communicate and coordinate attacks when everyone has a mic!

5.  Gamertag

Is the Random’s Xbox LIVE Gamertag some sort of racial/homophobic/sexist slur? ¬†Does it include words like “Nigga” or “Fag” or “DirtyPeen”? ¬†Well, then they probably suck both as people and as ME3 players – I mean, come on, anyone who uses words like that is pretty stupid, and do you really want stupid on your team? :)

Got more ways to identify good/bad Mass Effect 3 Online Multiplayer players?  Leave a comment or send an email!


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