The User’s Guide to Mass Effect Power Combos

If you want a comprehensive guide to Power Combos, click here.  This guide is intended for the practical user, based on the order of the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer character screen!  This guide will tell you how to detonate your powers alone as a single character based on the order that you use them (first power/second power).  Classes not listed cannot detonate powers themselves.

Adept (Biotic Explosion)

Human Male/Female – Singularity/Warp, Warp/Shockwave
Asari – Stasis/Throw, Warp/Throw
Drell – Pull/Reave, Reave/Cluster Grenade, Pull/Cluster Grenade
Asari Justicar – Biotic Sphere (upgraded for Warp damage)/Reave, Pull/Reave
Human Male (Ex-Cerberus) – Lash/Smash, Singularity/Lash, Singularity/Smash
N7 Fury – Dark Channel/Throw, Annihilation Field/Throw



Engineer (Tech Burst, Cryo/Fire Explosion)

Human Male/Female – Overload/Incinerate
Quarian Female – Cryo Blast/Incinerate
Salarian – Energy Drain/Incinerate, Incinerate/Energy Drain
Geth – Overload/Geth Turret (upgraded for Flamethrower)
Quarian Male – Arc Grenade/Incinerate
N7 Demolisher – Arc Grenade/Homing Grenade

Sentinel (Biotic Explosion, Tech Burst)

Human Male/Female – Warp/Throw
Turian – Overload/Warp
Krogan – Incinerate/Life Grenade
Batarian – Submission Net/Shockwave
Vorcha – Flamer/Cluster Grenade
N7 Paladin – Incinerate/Energy Drain, Energy Drain/Incinerate, Snap Freeze/Energy Drain, Energy Drain/Snap Freeze, Snap Freeze/Incinerate, Incinerate/Snap Freeze


Human Male/Female – Cryo Blast/Stick Grenade
Salarian – Energy Drain/Proximity Mine


Human Male/Female – Shockwave (upgraded for Lift)/Biotic Charge, Shockwave (upgraded for Lift)/Nova
Drell – Pull/Biotic Charge, Pull/Cluster Grenade
Asari – Stasis/Biotic Charge, Lift Grenade/Biotic Charge
Krogan – Barrier (upgraded for Lift)/Biotic Charge
Human Male (Ex-Cerberus) – Lash/Smash, Smash/Biotic Charge

Anything missing?  Post in Comments or email me!

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