Fallout 4: How to build the coolest, most baller player home ever

I’ve built a few epic playerhomes in Fallout 4 – a Mass Effect-themed player home over the Skylanes Flight 1981 crash site, a Glass Treehouse in the Robotics Pioneer Park, a Bioshock-themed city in the sky over a lighthouse … A few people have been asking me how, so here’s my guide on how you, too, can build the most epic-est player home ever.

Step 1. Find a place to set up camp. Any place in the Commonwealth will do.

I started a treehouse/garden home with the Boston Public Library here, check it out:


Step 2. Use this .bat file for creating a new settlement or the console command “player.placeatme c1aeb” to spawn a workshop bench. This allows you to enter the workshop menu in the location you chose. Remember, for this to work, you have to be in god mode (console “tgm”) and you need to open the workshop from the hotkey, not from the actual bench.

Step 3. Scrap everything you don’t want/need via the workbench menu.

Step 4. Use console command “disable” to get rid of all the things you can’t get rid of with your workbench. You can also use the Spring Cleaning mod to get rid of all the things you can’t get rid of with “disable.”

Step 5. Expand your settlement resources so you can use more than just the vanilla settlement decorations and buildings. I recommend getting Business SettlementsHomemaker, Settlement Supplies Expanded, Snap n Build Greenhouse, and OCDecorator. You should also check back on my site, because I do weekly mod reviews and roundups of my favorite new mods for Fallout 4!

Fallout4 2015-12-05 00-03-16-86

Step 6. Build your home. I personally love multi-story homes, I think they look really cool in caps – especially all lit up at night!

Step 7. Fill it up with stuff. The key to an awesome house is having detailed clutter, as though someone were actually living in it!

Fallout4 2015-11-22 15-43-58-96

Step 8. Kick back, relax, and enjoy your new crib.

Optional: Turn your home into a settlement and invite the riff raff to live there – to easily do this, you can spawn NPCs into your base (console ~, “help settler 4”, “player.placeatme xxxxx”. The only way to bring settlers in organically (using the beacon) is to move a real settlement workbench (like the one at Red Rocket) to your custom settlement’s location – not spawning a new workbench. That takes quite a bit more effort (too much effort, really).

But beware, the settlers WILL knock your shit over, soooooo … use OCDecorator for your small objects :D

Well, hope you found this tutorial helpful! Show me all the cool creations you make in comments :)

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