Skyrimcam’s 41+ Essential Skyrim Mods for a Realistic, Next-Gen Experience 2015

I know, you want your Skyrim to look exactly like mine, ‘cuz DAMN LOOK AT THOSE SCREENSHOTS. Here is my list of “essentials” – the mods I define as “essential” are required to get the SAME LOOK as my screenshots. You don’t have to use all these mods if you don’t want your game to look the same as in my photos.

Oh, and for those of you who don’t already know, Skyrimcam is my Instagram account for Skyrim screenshots. You should follow me if you haven’t already!

Here you go, the best Skyrim mods of 2015 and beyond, complete with screenshots!

Must Haves: Essential Environment Mods [install in this order and overwrite existing!]

TESV 2015-10-22 09-40-46-57

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

This mod is a MUST if you’re taking screencaps.  It makes every object in the game look more realistic and less blocky.

TESV 2015-10-22 09-38-25-41

Skyrim HD or Tamriel Reloaded HD

Dem textures, tho … Skyrim HD is more of a vanilla feel, whereas Tamriel Reloaded really spices up the textures in Skyrim. Right now I’m on total Tamriel Reloaded kick, but I used Skyrim HD for like 2+ years before it, so I have a lot of residual love for it. Pick the one that you like more! I’m only using the 2k textures, so imagine what 4k would look like! 

TESV 2015-10-22 19-56-13-81

Skyrim Flora Overhaul

More flowers, more grass, more trees, more everything.  You need this to make Skyrim look lush and full of life – it adds density and variety to every bit of flora in Tamriel.  I currently rock the Spring version because I love the green forests and grasses.

TESV 2015-10-22 21-11-12-90

Poupourri ENB

This is the ENB I’m currently using. First Seed version is more cinematic, Morning Star version is more saturated – I prefer a modified Morning Star version (install the Morning Star version then copy my files into the folder), but really, your game could look killer with any ENB you decide to use.  So, just pick one that looks good to you – just make sure it modifies depth of field so that closer objects are sharp and far away objects are blurry, so your screencaps have depth.  If you use Poupouri ENB, you’ll also need Enhanced Lights and FX and Dark Dungeons for ENB or else everything will look too bright.

TESV 2015-10-01 20-57-04-53

Revamped Exterior Fog

This mod revamps the exterior fog in Skyrim hehehe. Ok, I’ll stop being a dick. Basically it makes the fog a little bit weaker so that it doesn’t wash everything in Tamriel out. You need this, trust me.

TESV 2015-10-22 20-48-12-52

Watercolor for ENB

This is how I get my water looking super gorgeous with aqua and blue tones and gorgeous golden sun scattering.  You’ll also need Realistic Water Two for this to work properly – install it before Watercolor for ENB.


JK’s Skyrim

Makes all the villages and cities in Skyrim more full of life.  Vastly improves the design and clutter of every town, village, and city in Skyrim!

TESV 2015-10-22 21-01-45-04

Vivid Clouds and Fogs

I really like this mod to make the clouds and fogs look much more realistic and dramatic. It also has the option to move the clouds along faster with its “windy” setting – looks super cool!

TESV 2015-10-22 20-47-29-04

Inside the Nebula

Turn your night sky nebula into something beautiful.  I like the original version with the ENB I’m using (Poupouri) but I think the waterfall version looks best in vanilla.

TESV 2015-10-23 22-08-41-73

Enhanced Blood Textures

This is a must have for combat – haven’t you always wanted your enemies to bleed in HD?

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