Breaktime Studios: Pocket Potions, Dream Dresses, Sweet Shop, Dragon Skies Unlimited Money and Gems Hack [No Jailbreak!]

By request, here is the hack for Dream Dresses by Breaktime Studios.  The same hack also works for all other Breaktime Studios games: Pocket Potions, Sweet Shop, Dragon Skies, etc.

This is the first and only hack I’ve posted where I feel somewhat bad for posting it because Breaktime Studios is a small game studio (unlike Pocket Gems, Zynga, EA, etc. which I happily hack). ¬†I know some of you are cash strapped so that’s why I’m posting this hack, but I do ask that if you are able to afford the in-app purchases in Breaktime Studios games, please consider supporting their business by going legit :) ¬†Thanks!

You need:

1.  iFunbox (this is the one I use), iExplore, or any other program that lets you view your source files in your app
2.  a simple text editor like Microsoft Word
3.  your iphone/ipad

You do NOT need:

2.  NO GIVING AWAY USERNAME OR PASSWORD (be careful, there are a lot of scams out there!)


  1. Connect your iphone/ipad to your computer.  Make sure the game is not open on your phone/ipad.
  2. Open iFunbox on your computer.
  3. Go to the Managing App Data tab and find the desired game (in this case, Dream Dresses).  Click it and open.
  4. Click on the “Documents” folder. ¬†Your screen should look like this:
    2014-02-15 21_51_42-iFunbox App Connector
  5. Select the “player_state.json” file and hit “Copy to PC” to copy the file to your computer. ¬†*NOTE* You will only see the “player_state.json” file if you have already started playing the game and have finished the intro tutorial in the game!!! ¬†Do it! :)
  6. Now navigate to the “player_state.json” file saved on your computer. ¬†Open it in Microsoft Windows (or any other text editor). ¬†*NOTE* You might get a popup about Unicode – just click yes on the popup to proceed, the default settings should be fine.
  7. Your file should look something like this:
    2014-02-15 21_53_42-player_state - Microsoft Word
  8. Search for “sec”: (including the quotation marks) – this value is the Gems. ¬†Change the value for “sec” to how ever many gems you need. ¬†Search for “pri”: (including the quotation marks) – this value is the Coins. ¬†Change the value for “pri” to how ever many coins you need. ¬†This is what I changed it to:2014-02-15 21_53_52-player_state - Microsoft Word
  9. Now, save the changes to the document (CTRL+S).
  10. Go back to iFunbox and drag and drop the “player_state.json” file you just edited from your computer to the “Documents” folder in iFunbox to overwrite the original file.
  11. Open up your game on your iphone/ipad, and it will look like this now:
    photo (1)
  12. Now buy everything to your heart’s content!

Remember, you can do this same hack for all of Breaktime Studios games.  Go crazy and have fun with it!

Did this hack work for you?  Please let me know in comments!



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