Dragon Age: 12 Characters Inspired by Dragon Age: Inquisition

Ok, ok, no more misleading titles, ha! ¬†Take a look at these amazing characters that were part of a Dragon Age character creation contest on CGHub. ¬†If anyone is excited about the playable Qunari characters in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition game, you’ll love these :)

12. “Qunari Girl” ~ by LILITHTD


Unfortunately the artist never finished this work, but it’s on this list because it has potential. ¬†It’s the perfect mix of sexy and scary for a female Qunari character!

11. “Samara of the Qun” ~ by DAYAS


I’m a sucker for crossover art, so I had to put Samara from Mass Effect as a Qunari on this list. ¬†She looks a little crazy eyed, but that’s just part of her Justicar charm.

10. “Qunari Girl” ~ by CGPTTEAM

Dragon age concept by CGPT soufiane idrassi update 3

This is another unfinished work of art, though I kind of like the white eye effect … makes the Qunari look like it’s half desire demon.

9. “Fat Qunari” ~ by DOSES


Another unfinished work with tons of potential!  There is something unexpectedly charming about a fat Qunari.  The head details would have been amazing to see fleshed out.

8. “Hurlock” ~ by TIARE96


I highly recommend you view the full version of this on the artist’s page – the sheer amount of detail and realism is incredible (and gross).

7. “Witch” ~ by WORLDMAKER


I was always annoyed that mages in Dragon Age wore robes and not armor. ¬†I mean, armor would be beneficial to any class, wouldn’t it? ¬†Just because you can use magic, doesn’t mean you have to walk around exposed to sharp, pointy objects. ¬†Just sayin’. ¬†I love that this character adds some plate armor to a mage, even if her vital abdominal organs are still exposed :)

6. “Spider Broodmother” ~ by VICKGAZA


Another unfinished work that combines the two worst things in all of Dragon Age Рspiders and brood mothers!  I think the scariest thing about this character is that it looks HIGHLY MOBILE with those spindly legs.  Terrifying.

5. “Half-Elf Rogue” ~ by ALCHEMISTES


This androgynous character looks like it walked out of the Dragon Age universe – let’s just hope that archery isn’t as useless in DA:I as it has been in the other games.

4. “Rogue” ~ by PAVEL


If Assassin’s Creed met Dragon Age, this outfit would probably be born. ¬†See the artist’s page for some detail views – they are incredible!

3. “Owl dude” ~ by LARKBEEF


Points for creativity here – there is nothing like this at all in the entire Dragon Age series! ¬†I’m not sure how lore-friendly this character is, but it definitely stands out among the rest. ¬†Reminds me of an owl-y Varric.

2. “Underground Black Prince” ~ by NIKIZAR


This looks straight out of the depths of the Fade. ¬†Go to the artist’s page for more detailed views – the close-ups are simply amazing.

1. ¬†“Majestic King” ~ by KELVINL



Ok, this is my top pick because it’s hyper realistic, detailed, AND lore-friendly. ¬†His face looks like a combination of old Kirk Douglas and old Patrick Swayze (but apparently, I am told that his face is Jeff Bridges …). ¬†The details on the armor, from the spiked sun on his left shoulder to the the crest on his chestplate are so unique and well-done! ¬†I’ve always been a sucker for blingy armor :)

What do you want to see in Dragon Age: Inquisition?  What are you most excited about?  Let me know in comments!


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