Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC Character Builds and Strategies

Well, now that I have all the new characters and have played some matches with them, I thought I’d share some builds and strategies with you! ¬†Note: These are just the builds I personally prefer – you may disagree! ¬†Please share your preferred build in the comments :)

Adept – Awakened Collector



Combos:  Dark Channel + Seeker Swarm, Dark Sphere + Seeker Swarm

Strategy: ¬†Ok, so I skipped Dark Channel all together. ¬†I think Dark Sphere is overall the better power and since the this character has slow cool-down speeds, I didn’t think I needed both. ¬†You can detonate Dark Sphere manually or just let it float – you have to be careful to cast it correctly though. ¬†It doesn’t pass through walls or move over obstacles – it basically just floats in the general direction you point it in. ¬†Once an enemy is Dark Sphere’d, you can make a biotic explosion by hitting it with one of your Seeker Swarms.

BTW, I’m not at all convinced that the Ascension power does anything.

Soldier – Geth Juggernaut



Combos:  Hex Shield w/Electrical Effect + Geth Turret w/Flamethrower

Strategy: ¬†This character is such a beast. ¬†I love not being able to get insta-killed! ¬†My favorite strategy is to go up to a boss, pop a turret right behind it, lay down the Hex Shield in front of it, and then use Melee to drain its shields and health. ¬†If you time it right, you can get a Fire Explosion from the turret’s Flamethrower and laying down the Hex Shield. ¬†The turret, even while spec’d for full damage, will restore your shields along with the Melee power. ¬†So, basically, you’re pretty tank-y. ¬†If you equip a Cyclonic Modulator IV, you’re pretty much unstoppable on Gold.

I know some people opt to skip the turret entirely, but I think that’s a mistake. ¬†The turret with Flamethrower is great for doing damage on enemies while you hold them with the Melee. ¬†Also, you can throw it all the way across the map if enemies spawn away from you, doing damage while you take your sweet, tank-y time to get over there. ¬†The super slow Juggernaut speed is another reason why I spec for additional ammo as well – I use the Harrier and I’m always running out of bullets and the Juggernaut takes forever to get to an ammo box!

Engineer – Talon Mercenary



Combos:  None?

Strategy: ¬†This has been a tough one for me. ¬†I decided to skip Concussive Arrows and go for the Armor-Piercing instead. ¬†Because all your powers draw on a limited number of grenades, it’s kind of a waste to go spec out both Arrow powers. ¬†Besides, the Cain Trip Mine is where all the goodness is, anyway!

For me, the Omni-bow is just too slow to lock on target and misses all too often even if you do get a lock. ¬†So, I rely on the Cain Trip Mine. ¬†I like to place them at choke points – be sure to place them on WALLS and VERTICAL SURFACES so that the red laser light is HORIZONTAL – I saw some guy using them like proximity mines, shooting them at the floor. ¬†Since there is no radius detonation on the mines, that would require an enemy to step exactly on top of it if the light is pointing up. ¬†I tried a Sniper build for this character but it’s honestly not great. ¬†Anyone have any ideas?

Sentinel – Krogan Warlord



Combos:  Electrical Hammer w/Fire Effect + Biotic Hammer

Strategy: ¬†I skipped Tech Armor all together and put spec’d out both hammers upon discovering that you can self-detonate Fire Explosions by switching from the Electrical to the Biotic Hammer. ¬†Also, Tech Armor slows down power use and I wanted to be able to switch hammer types quickly.

Use the Electrical Hammer for area effect and the Biotic Hammer one-on-one (like bosses). ¬†However, be warned that the Electrical Hammer doesn’t do any hammer damage to the enemies in its radius – it only does hammer damage to the one enemy it is locked on! ¬†Which totally defeats the purpose of radius, right? ¬†Well, up to 3 enemies in its radius can get hit with Fire Effect, which you can then detonate with Biotic Hammer to create an explosion. ¬†So that makes it worthwhile to spec into Electrical Hammer, IMHO.

The character isn’t nearly tank-y enough for how slow it moves. ¬†Be prepared to get instakilled frequently.

Infiltrator – Alliance Infiltration Unit



Combos:  Incendiary Ammo + Snap Freeze

Strategy:  I like to use short to medium range weapons for this character equipped with Incendiary Ammo.  Unload a clip, then Cloak, then Snap Freeze = murder!  The incendiary rounds and snap freeze will cause a fire or cryo explosion which is always handy.

I like to equip either Grenade Capacity or Warfighter Gear for the Fembot because the Repair Matrix is awesome! ¬†It immediately starts regen for shields and while it’s active, you can get up if you’re killed without using a Medi-Gel. ¬†I try to keep Repair Matrix active all the time if I can.

Vanguard – Cabal



Combos:  ???

Strategy: ¬†??? ¬†Don’t use this build. ¬†I still haven’t figured out how to use this character effectively! ¬†Anyone have any recommendations?

What are you favorite builds?  Let me know in comments!


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