Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekend Operation VIGILANCE

Bioware just announced this weekend’s operation September 7-9:

Individual Goal: Complete up to and including wave 10 on any difficulty without using a consumable (medi-gel, ammo, Ops pack or Cobra missile launcher).

Allied Goal: Complete 250,000 escort missions on any difficulty.

The individual goal seems easy enough, particularly since you can do it on Bronze. ¬†The tough part is if you’re in random matches – you can’t tell if the random used an ammo pack or ops pack, right?

The allied goal is easy, too. ¬†If the chances for each mission are the same, we shouldn’t have a problem achieving the goal – in Operation OLYMPUS a few weeks ago, the community completed over 500,000 missions to Wave 10 – that’s 1.5M objective waves, and if there is a 1/5 chance you’ll get an escort mission for the objective wave, then we should have 300,000 successful escort missions – well over our goal.

Click here for more details on the operation and the exact time it starts!

UPDATE: ¬†Just a quick note on the easiest way to complete the Individual Goal this weekend – SOLO ON BRONZE! ¬†Use your N7 Destroyer Soldier and stack the Cyclonic Modulator III and IV using the gear glitch. ¬†With Devastator Mode on (spec’d for shields), you’ll have more than 4000 shields and pretty much will not be able to get killed unless you really try. ¬†Also, gear glitching isn’t a ban-able offense, so you can keep your in-game feedback on.

What is your opinion on this weekend’s mission? ¬†Let me know in comments!


  1. Chris Aikens September 9, 2012
    • girlplaysgame September 9, 2012

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