Mass Effect 3: The ULTIMATE Guide to Demi-God Mode, or How to Respawn Without Medi-Gels

I posted in another post about God Mode, where you can’t die or be instakilled, but there are also maps that I like to refer to as Demi-God Mode – maps with places you can die and then respawn with full health and without using Medi-Gel.


1.  Firebase Hydra

Usefulness Rating: 5/5

This is the one most people use.  You can roll off the platform in the back and walk up the ramp next to the waterfall.  This is a great location for sniping, especially if you set up a couple N7 Demolishers so you never have to go for ammo.  If you die and fall off into the waterfall, you will revive at the spawn site with full health!

2.  Firebase Ghost

Usefulness Rating: 1/5

This one is a little trickier.  Go to the back of the container with the ammo crate inside and walk around the door with the ladder.  You have to do this slowly or you will miss the drop.  Follow the container wall and camp right in the crevice below the container.  If you die, you will fall back into the container and revive at the spawn site with full health.

3.  Firebase Goddess

Usefulness Rating: 4/5

I find this one the most useful because everyone can camp there and it’s easily accessible. ¬†Go to the back of the room with the elevator. ¬†Camp in the doorway of the elevator shaft. ¬†If you die, you will revive at the spawn site with full health – from there, it’s just a quick sprint back to the elevator.

4.  Firebase White

Usefulness Rating: 2/5

This one is very popular and well-known.  Stand in the doorway at the back of the room at the bottom Рif you die there, you will respawn at the Landing Pad with full health.

5.  Firebase Reactor

Usefulness Rating: 3/5

Start at the top of the ladder overlooking the Reactor entrance Рif you are an Asari Adept or Justicar, biotic dash toward the vehicle on the left side next to the ammo crate.  You can then walk around outside the map and kill enemies from there.  Walking too far out will make you revive at the spawn site.  If you play as any other character, you can have a teammate stand between the ladder and the vehicle and you can roll over their heads to the same place.

6.  Firebase Rio

Usefulness Rating: 0/5

You can stand in the middle of the middle platform (among the tangled wires on the ground) and die and respawn in the same place again … however, you can’t really do much of anything there, so it’s not really Demi-God mode.

Do you have any other respawn sites not listed?  Post in comments or email me!

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